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Light Up Your Space With Wall Lamps

When it comes to the interiors space nothing really greets the guests with warmth quite like an elegant light fixture in the interiors of a house. The right lights can add elegance and style to your home decor. To complete the illumination of the space, it requires task and ambient lights. Wall lamps have a unique ability to fulfill all the lights requirements of a particular space without the design appearing contrived. Hence wall lamp is the vital part of staging the whole look of the house.

Where Wall Lamps Work

Wall lamps are a realistic solution to lighting needs and they can be installed against any wall of the house or office. They can be added to stairways, dim hallways, fireplaces, art frames, vanities, bedside and entryways, etc. These lamp fixtures are installed to highlight the signature architectural details of the house or office. The sleek one light sconce, multi bulb lamps, down-light and up-light are some of the features available in the lamp fixtures these days. These lights cast a beam  in a particular direction brightening the specific space.

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Unique Wall Lamps

These days, wall lamps are more than just a directional spot light. They beautifully pull a room together and provide a decorative elegance to it. There are a variety of designs available to accommodate one’s designing needs. These lights will help prevent the space from looking bland and create unique silhouettes and details. It is better to select neutral tones for the work space or home like metallic finish, black, and white, etc. The fancy lamps available in shimmering crystals will sparkle and add the shine to a home. They can also be a thing of beauty  for a house. The candelabras, drum shape wall lamps complement the Victorian or vintage décor of a house or office. Whether it is the sleek and modern style, or the bold vintage style each wall fixture can make a lasting impression on the guests. Providing texture to the walls will never make the lights go overboard or look too ornate for a house. The capiz shells and metallic twigs make these lights a piece of statement.

Wall lamps with down-light system

The down-light wall lamps are used to showcase particular features of a house or office. As the name suggests these lighting fixtures cast the light towards the floor and makes the room feel cozy and warm. These fixtures are best placed over the art pieces, frames and other architectural details that look best when highlighted. They can also be placed over the work desk as a piece of practical task light.

These days, interior decorators use the system of light layering to improve the ambiance of a house. This system utilizes a perfect combination of down-light and up-light placed strategically around the walls of the homes. The lamp that provides lighting in both the directions often cast an hourglass like glow on walls. But a medley of these up-light and down-light lamp can not only provide proper safety to the stairways, but they also boost the overall look of the stairs. It is wise to note that wall lamps are not just limited to up-light and down-light themes, but they are also available in the multi-directional view.

Up-light wall lamps to add character to a space

Most of the wall lamps offer uni-directional lighting or a combination of two. The up-light wall lamps are usually placed just below the art frames, wall decorations, figures, and other architectural detail that can be highlighted facing upward. Here in, the lighting faces upward direction and casts the beam to the ceiling. These lights are best for small room structures as they help in making the room appear bigger. They are also great for rooms that do not receive much of the natural sunlight. If the ceiling is ornate and needs to be highlighted then these are the best light pieces for the home. These lights can also make the narrow hallways look bigger and bright. There is always a need to balance the lighting system of a home so it will be a wise decision to have a mix of overhead, task, accent lights and LEDs.

One Light Lamps

These wall lamps consist of one bulb that is usually matched with fabric, glass or metal shades. These light fixtures usually release downward or upward light. But some of these lamps also emit light both-ways. These fixtures can be used to highlight a corner or it can be placed in a row to provide sufficient light to the room. It can also be placed in symmetry to highlight a design of the room. For instance, install a matching pair on the bedside and armchair of the room. Wall lamps are best put in areas that could be a mess by the end of the day like office,  kid’s room, etc.

Two Light Lamps

These wall lamps provide better illumination and a chance to bring symmetry to the house. These lamps can help in brightening the areas like bathroom, kitchen, living room, etc. These fixtures look great on bare walls and give an attractive appeal. Candle lamps provide a vintage look to the house with the exposed bulbs and spread-out silhouettes. The modern two-light fixtures casting the light downward are ideal for dining area and consoles. Bright interior is always welcoming to a guest therefore the interior decoration must be done accordingly.

Wall lamps add a personal touch to the drab interiors. The style of lamp that is selected should also depend upon the power supply of the home. Wall lamps are outstanding light source as they create an ambiance that is a combination of a chandelier and a lamp. They do not take up your ceiling space, floor space, or the table space.  Hence they are a great addition to any space.

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